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It takes a great deal of effort to transform a good idea into a successful business. One of the best ways to make things easier and to increase the probability of success is to partner with an experienced attorney. At W. David Mancuso, Attorney, LLC, in Baton Rouge, we partner with entrepreneurs, business owners, employers and individuals throughout southern Louisiana — helping our clients achieve business success.

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Business Formation

When choosing a business entity, there are several things that you should consider. The entity you choose will affect how you are taxed and how your business is managed, as well as your personal liability for business losses. Using extensive financial, legal and taxation knowledge, we help our clients evaluate the different business entities and choose the one that best fits their needs:

  • Subchapter S professional corporations
  • LLCs (limited liability companies)
  • LLPs (limited liability partnerships)

Tax Planning

IRS regulations give business entities options they may have not even thought possible. For example, an LLC may elect to be taxed like a partnership while still enjoying some of the beneficial characteristics of a corporation. At the law offices of W. David Mancuso, Attorney, LLC, we can help you understand the available options and make choices about which ones are right for you.

Attorney David Mancuso has an advanced degree, a LL.M. in taxation. Having focused his post-graduate education on tax, he is well prepared to help clients create solutions for even the most complex tax issues. He takes an in-depth look at tax planning matters and can help businesses take directions they may not have even thought possible. For example, many LLCs may elect S corporation tax status.

Corporate Counsel for Daily Operations and Transactions

Louisiana businesses can benefit from a lawyer’s guidance through daily operations. Especially as your business expands, working with W. David Mancuso, Attorney, LLC, is a smart way to ensure continued success.

Our years of business law practice and knowledge set us apart. We draft, review and negotiate many contracts and agreements for our business clients. These include shareholder agreements, operating agreements for LLCs and buy/sell agreements.

Attorney David Mancuso also provides ongoing, day-to-day corporate counsel. He reviews and drafts contracts, advises clients on various transactions, assists in documentation of shareholder meetings and can manage the transfer sale or merger of a corporate entity. Mr. Mancuso also assists with business planning today for tomorrow, assisting clients with business succession planning.

To consult with David Mancuso regarding business formation or other business needs, contact our Baton Rouge, Louisiana, law office online or call us toll free at 866-605-5060. For your convenience, evening and weekend office hours are available by appointment.