Planning Today… For Tomorrow

Estate Planning Tailored To Ensure A Strong Future

In order to look out for a client’s best interests, lawyers must focus on more than just what works today. They must look years down the road and plan for future possibilities, helping clients make choices that ensure a strong future and that protect the people they care about.

With a law office located in Baton Rouge, W. David Mancuso Attorney, LLC, has served clients throughout the greater Baton Rouge area for more than 30 years. We are dedicated to helping individuals and businesses achieve long-term success. To get started, follow this link to our Estate Planning Questionnaire (PDF file).

In addition to serving the everyday needs of individuals and businesses, he helps them plan for the future by drafting, reviewing and revising a broad range of estate planning documents:

The Primary Goals Of Estate Planning

Estate planning is often done with several goals in mind. One of the largest is protecting your loved ones to ensure that there is a plan in place for any children. Another is deferring or minimizing estate taxes.

Certain estate planning documents, such as trusts, can be used to achieve the goal of caring for children or grandchildren in the event that those heirs are not able to manage certain assets on their own.

A person’s estate planning goals often change depending on unique family circumstances. Families with members who have physical or developmental disabilities may need to consider a special needs trust. This type of trust can be set up under the will and allow a parent or relative to supplement government assistance without being “kicked off” these programs.

Helping Aging Clients Attend To Their Elder Care Needs And Concerns

You may have reached the point where you have retired or are nearing retirement. You likely have grandchildren. You may have significant savings or valuable property that you would like to pass on to your family. As you age, your estate planning concerns may also turn to illness, preserving your assets and planning for long-term care. While planning for this particular part of your future may seem difficult, it is a matter that attorney David Mancuso can talk to you about and help you explore and identify your options.

Elder care law encompasses myriad planning concerns for incapacity and illnesses inherent to aging. This area of practice requires an attorney who is sensitive and compassionate to the legal issues impacting elder care clients and who also has the experience in dealing with these issues.

By integrating estate planning services with elder care services such as special needs trusts, long-term care planning, planning for possible future illnesses and/or disabilities, our law firm goes the extra steps in taking care of the elder care clients who need such additional services.

In addition to assisting our elder care clients in connection with the protection of their estates, protection of their assets from the high cost of nursing home care and other matters, our law firm can help you establish estate planning strategies and directives that can be beneficial.

Whether you need legal representation for yourself or for an aging or disabled family member, our law firm can provide the prompt, courteous and experienced guidance you may need in your situation. Elder care encompasses a range of legal, personal and physical concerns of the aging population.

Speak With A Knowledgeable Estate Planning Attorney

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