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Establishing A Will In Louisiana

A will is an excellent tool that can be used to protect your family’s future. At the law offices of W. David Mancuso Attorney, LLC, we provide estate planning services to clients throughout southern Louisiana. We serve entrepreneurs, business owners, employers, individuals and families – helping them draft the proper wills that will achieve their property distribution goals.

If you need help with your estate plan or need a will drafted, please contact our Baton Rouge law office to schedule an initial consultation.

Protect Your Assets And Your Family With A Will

A will allows you to be able to distribute your wealth and your assets according to your goals or desires. It also can help you to ensure the care of your spouse and/or your children by building in protections and/or naming a guardian for minor children.

Wills are not only used for family planning, but for business succession as well. No matter what goals you wish to achieve with your estate plan, attorney David Mancuso will guide you along the right path.

Estate Planning Tools

At the law firm of W. David Mancuso Attorney, LLC, we can help you with many estate planning techniques, including:

Health care directives and powers of attorney are important estate planning tools. A health care directive informs people of how you wish to be treated in medical emergencies, while a power of attorney gives a trusted individual the ability to handle your finances and/or medical decisions should you become unable to do so.

Talk With Us About Your Will

To talk with us about your needs and wants regarding your will, schedule a consultation with attorney David Mancuso. Contact our Baton Rouge law office by email or call us at 225-754-9872. For your convenience, evening and weekend office hours are available by appointment.