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Estate Administration And Business Succession Assistance

Located in Baton Rouge, the law office of W. David Mancuso Attorney, LLC, helps businesses and individuals throughout southern Louisiana with estate administration and successions. We often go above and beyond for our clients, using our knowledge to help clients gain peace of mind.

If your loved one has recently died, call us for assistance. You can get started by following this link to our Confidential Succession Checklist (PDF file).

Estate Administration – Helping You Through A Tough Time

The loss of a loved one is often one of the most difficult things people experience. We understand the grief our clients are going through, and we do our part to help make things better. At the law office of W. David Mancuso Attorney, LLC, we help manage all aspects of estate administration – guiding you through a difficult time and making things as easy as they can be under the circumstances.

Estate administration, which is known as successions in Louisiana, is the process of settling the deceased’s matters. While many people think that a will makes going to court for the complicated succession process is unnecessary, this is not always true. We represent the surviving families of decedents who have passed away both with and without wills, helping them to account for the assets of the estate, settle debts and distribute the assets according to the decedent’s wishes or state law.

Business Succession Planning Can Extend The Life Of Your Company

When you have spent your lifetime building a business, knowing that your company is in capable hands brings peace of mind. At our Baton Rouge law office, attorney David Mancuso helps Louisiana business owners with business succession planning. He can help you make sure that your business runs smoothly in the future, as it is operated by a capable individual you have specifically chosen.

Business succession takes the tax consequences of a business transfer into account, attempting to minimize the tax consequences to the people involved. At the law offices of W. David Mancuso Attorney, LLC, we tailor our approach to your unique situation, which may involve selling related real estate or business assets.

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